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We dont have 46 diferent strains from Bodhi in our online marijuana seeds store . Please check list of available seeds bellow:

Ancient OG stock:Available
Apollo 11 Genius Pheno stock:Available
Appalachian Thunderfuck stock:Available
Blood Orange stock:Available
Blue Tara stock:Available
Blueberry Hill stock:Available
Bubba D stock:Available
Bubba Kush x Pakistani Sativa stock:Available
Bubbashine stock:Available
Bodhi Seeds stock:Available
Cheech Wizard stock:Available
Chem 91 x Talk of Kabul stock:Available
Deep Chunk x Malawi Gold stock:Available
Double Purple Afgooey stock:Available
Double Purple Bubba Diesel stock:Available
Elf Snack stock:Available
Goji OG stock:Available
Gold Star stock:Available
Golden Triangle stock:Available
Good Medicine stock:Available
Harlequin Bx stock:Available
Head Trip stock:Available
Isaac Haze stock:Available
Bodhi Seeds stock:Available
Lemon Zinger stock:Available
Lucky Charms stock:Available
Medicine Buddha stock:Available
Mountain Temple stock:Available
NL5 x Talk of Kabul stock:Available
Prayer Tower stock:Available
Sky Lotus stock:Available
Snow Lotus stock:Available
SoCal Master Kush x Uzbekistani Hashplant stock:Available
Space Mountain stock:Available
Star Child stock:Available
Stevie Wonder stock:Available
Super Silver Yo Mama stock:Available
Superstitious stock:Available
Tigers Milk stock:Available
White Lotus stock:Available
White Sky stock:Available
Yo Mama stock:Available
Yogi stock:Available